Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions

Prism Glass gets lots of questions about our glass services. Check out our FAQs to learn the answers to some of these questions, or give us a call if your question hasn’t been answered here.

Q: Should I have a rock chip in my windshield repaired?

A: Yes. Repairing a rock chip in your car’s windshield costs significantly less than having the entire windshield replaced. Though the damage may look minor, it’s important to repair the chip as soon as you notice it, as chips can quickly become large cracks that are impossible to repair. Prism Glass provides repairs for rock chips, and we can also replace auto glass that is too cracked to repair.

Q: The seal is broken on my insulated glass unit and it is foggy. Can this be repaired or will I have to replace it?

A: Nearly all recently-installed windows have two or three panes of glass. The space between this glass is filled with a dense gas to help increase insulation. When the seals on these windows fail, this gas can escape and allow moisture to get in, fogging up your window. The most complete remedy for this problem is to replace the entire window. This will ensure that your windows are properly insulated, and that they will not fog. If your window has removable seals, you can also replace the seals and leave the window framework in place. Repairing your window seals is less expensive than a full replacement, but it does not guarantee full insulation or that your windows will never fog again.

Q: Only one side of my double pane window is broken, can you replace the glass on just that one side?

A: Yes, we can replace the broken glass and leave the other side of the window intact.

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